The 37 million reasons why Labour lost in 2015. And who should pick up the pieces.

There are 37 million reasons why Labour lost the 2015 General Election. Or 37,006,893 reasons to be exact. That’s the total number of eligible electors who chose not to vote Labour. Right now, the Party should be reaching out and listening to them. Instead, we’ve wasted months on a never-ending, but rarely interesting, Leadership election.

Leadership elections are the worst possible time for considered thought. People demand snappy, persuasive answers. Instead of listening to the millions of people who chose not to vote for us, we’ve egged on the Leadership candidates to provide diagnosis by soundbite. First it was a failure to understand aspiration, then it was a failure to inspire non-voters. All the more frustrating is that stimulating research is going on behind the scenes, but no-one is listening. Continue reading

August Newsletter

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Latest news from Cllr Michael Pavey

Deputy Leader of Brent Council & Labour Councillor for Barnhill


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Racism and Equality

This is a picture of me and my friend Maggie.

Me & Maggie

We’re both Councillors.

One of us is a senior manager in the NHS. One isn’t.

One of us drives a rather nice car. One doesn’t.

And one of us can rent a home from the estate agent we’re standing in front of. One can’t

Maggie is the senior manager. Maggie has the nice car. But only I can rent the home.

That’s because I’m white and Maggie is black.

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Upholding Values In Education

I delivered this speech to the Brent School Governors’ Conference yesterday. It received a warm response, so I thought I’d share it online…

This Conference is about “The challenge of being challenging.”

But what do we really mean by challenge?

Scrutinising data, driving progress, pushing improvement. These all matter hugely.

But for me, the ultimate challenge is to uphold values in education.

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Failing Schools Fail The Kids That Most Need Them

Education is the most powerful force in the world. It can solve all our greatest problems: poverty, discrimination, cynicism, despair.

Education is vital for everyone, but it is those at the very bottom who need it the most. Those without wealth, connections or privilege. Those from broken homes or devastated countries.

Education is how the down-trodden can achieve a better future.

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Education, Aspiration and Hope.

I went to school in Lincolnshire where we still have the traditional Eleven Plus.

One of my friends at Primary School always wanted to work in TV. She failed the Eleven Plus. The next day I overheard in the Post Office: “She’ll never be able to work in TV now, she’s failed the Eleven Plus” – to murmurs of agreement.

This is what the Eleven Plus does. It carves society into winners and losers; it emburdens children with social judgement – and all before they’re old enough to watch a Bond film at the cinema.

My old Primary School

My old Primary School

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