In Praise of the Troublemakers


I wrote this piece on my Facebook page a few months ago. I just stumbled across it again and thought I’d share it on here…

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There is always an alternative

There is always an alternative to closing Children’s Centres – you just need to be creative and determined.

I pleased to recently launch a new Labour Friends of Sure Start pamphlet highlighting some of the great work by Labour Councils in protecting their Sure Start Centres The pamphlet also objectively proves that Tory Councils have closed more Centres than Labour Councils. And it shows that Centres in Labour areas are more likely to be rated Good or Outstanding, whilst Centres in Tory areas are more likely to be rated Inadequate or Requiring Improvement.

Lfooss pamphlet

It was a pleasure to the launch the pamphlet with our new LFoSS patron, Yvette Cooper MP as well as Shadow Children’s Ministers Jenny Chapman MP and Sharon Hodgson MP, and brilliant LFoSS supporter Catherine West MP.

The pamphlet is an excellent read – take a look and let me know what you think!


Waking up to disabilities.

I used to be scared of disabled people.

Not scared that they would bite, but terrified that they might talk to me. What if I can’t understand what they’re saying? What if I say the wrong thing?

Best to utter the usual platitudes of admiration and sympathy. And move on quickly.

That all changed the day I met Angela.

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