Thank You Barnhill ❤️

IMG_0955A week on and finally a moment to reflect on the local elections. I’m so proud to have been re-elected by the wonderful community of Barnhill and humbled to have received a significantly increased majority.

I almost didn’t stand this time because there is much about the direction of Brent Council which I do not like. But I’m so glad that I did.

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General Election 2017


The day after the General Election in June I blogged on my Facebook page about the shock result. To be honest it was only ever really to try and help me process what had happened, but the piece attracted quite a lot of interest and was subsequently published on the excellent Labour Vision blog. A few months on I think it still stands up as a reasonable analysis, take a look and let me know what you think.


Every So Often You Meet Someone Special – Continued…


Wow, time really does fly. Incredibly it’s almost five years since I launched this website. I’ve written thirty-odd blogs in that time, but one in particular will always stand out.

I’ve never sought to build a narrative through this blog, but reading over past articles two themes stand out: the importance of social justice and the power of education to build a better world. These two themes really fused in “every so often you meet someone special.”

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The 37 million reasons why Labour lost in 2015. And who should pick up the pieces.

There are 37 million reasons why Labour lost the 2015 General Election. Or 37,006,893 reasons to be exact. That’s the total number of eligible electors who chose not to vote Labour. Right now, the Party should be reaching out and listening to them. Instead, we’ve wasted months on a never-ending, but rarely interesting, Leadership election.

Leadership elections are the worst possible time for considered thought. People demand snappy, persuasive answers. Instead of listening to the millions of people who chose not to vote for us, we’ve egged on the Leadership candidates to provide diagnosis by soundbite. First it was a failure to understand aspiration, then it was a failure to inspire non-voters. All the more frustrating is that stimulating research is going on behind the scenes, but no-one is listening. Continue reading

Racism and Equality

This is a picture of me and my friend Maggie.

Me & Maggie

We’re both Councillors.

One of us is a senior manager in the NHS. One isn’t.

One of us drives a rather nice car. One doesn’t.

And one of us can rent a home from the estate agent we’re standing in front of. One can’t

Maggie is the senior manager. Maggie has the nice car. But only I can rent the home.

That’s because I’m white and Maggie is black.

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