Thank You Barnhill ❤️

IMG_0955A week on and finally a moment to reflect on the local elections. I’m so proud to have been re-elected by the wonderful community of Barnhill and humbled to have received a significantly increased majority.

I almost didn’t stand this time because there is much about the direction of Brent Council which I do not like. But I’m so glad that I did.

We fought a long and tough campaign. I’ve hardly had any time for social media this year because we’ve been relentlessly pounding the streets, knocking on doors and trying to help resolve problems. Life as a councillor is unglamorous: you fail at least as often as you succeed. But you also get to meet so many special people. People who have been let down by the system and who often have no-one else in their corner.

It is sad that we have a society where so many people slip through the net, but it is an honour to have been re-elected to try and fight for them.


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