6 thoughts on “Six Months in Barnhill

  1. Congrats Mike, I can attest to this as I’ve often seen you around! I am also grateful to your Powney colleague, who introduced me to your blog. However, I am less pleased by his eagerness to ban a blogger, who maybe said something which didn’t please him, as I, as a former enthusiatic recycler, complained to him about the rudeness of his department’s staff (the Recycling Dept.), to which I got no reply from him, but seemingly sustained a banning from his site – I have twice, I think, tried to post to his blog since, and not been able to each time. As somebody who formerly was keen to see the level of recycling in Brent increase, I am disappointed by his response and wonder if it’s not for reasons like that that we can only achieve 42% or thereabouts, successful recycling rate! I’m also amazed at how people who normally profess to be so keen on free speech, simply can’t wait to press the ban button, when the contents of the post doesn’t please them. The **** was my insertion, not his!!

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