Six months on…

Tomorrow marks six months since I was elected to Brent Council. It’s been the most exhilarating, exhausing and rewarding period of my life.

I’ve set up this site to share my experiences and the insights they give into national debates and campaigns.

Being a Councillor is a true privilege. You work so closely with the community that you develop really strong ties. Already I can’t imagine representing any ward in Brent other than Barnhill.

It’s also unbelievably frustrating. People come to you with deeply moving problems. It is invigorating to go into battle with them: cajoling, encouraging and persuading the powers that be. But ultimately your real power is limited.

And that is without even considering the Government’s agenda of rapidly removing the Authority from Local Authorities.

But there are not many jobs where you have the opportunity to help a young family to move out of a slum and into proper housing, or to finally launch a park that the community have been waiting for for years and years.

So although being a Councillor is tough, it is also a rare privilege.


9 thoughts on “Six months on…

  1. Keep up your good work, Councillor Pavey. It is refreshing to meet a someone, in local government, who wants to understand the impact of inequality, on the lives’ of Disabled People. It is awesome that you actively, engaging, with us, and taking action, to challenge disability discrimination.

  2. hi Mike, and many congratulations on your election victory. I just wondered whether you’ve ambitions beyond local politics, i.e. on the national stage!! Sorry for asking a toughie, at the very start!! 🙂

    • Hi Brontosaurus – love the name! I can say completely honestly that I have no personal ambitions: I came into solely politics to serve the community. I’ll follow whatever path I feel best enables me to do that.

      • Nothing at all the matter with ambition Mike, and I wish you all the best for the future!!

  3. Dear
    michael i think your website is very good being a councillor is hard work like barn hill as i uset
    to live bottom of the paddocks i no at first hand what gose it is diffrent to kilburn ward because
    you are dealing with a diffrent class of person .
    kind regards

  4. Mikey,

    I enjoyed exploring your site and am impressed with its design. Well done:~)

    I also read the other sections of your website. I think you are the kind of councillor I would vote for if I lived in the UK. I wish you success in all you do. I know the people you serve will appreciate your determinationa and dedication.

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